Alicia + Ian | Longwood Gardens, Philadelphia

A few weeks ago, a very excited Ian contacted me to see if I was free to photograph his surprise proposal to his girlfriend of 6 years, Alicia. As luck would have it, I was. I think I became equally excited when he told me he wanted to do it at Longwood Gardens, a beautiful setting I had really wanted to shoot at. After some stealthy back-and-forth emails and texts, our plan was set to capture the proposal under a beautiful stone gazebo surrounded by lush foliage. We arrived to Longwood Gardens a couple hours early to check it out, and immediately knew that today's shoot was going to produce a lot of stunning photos. 

I got really excited when I saw the two of them emerge from the walking path and head into the gazebo. As Ashley and I pretended to be just another tourist with a camera, we realized Alicia had no idea this was happening. The looks on both of their faces were priceless. After the proposal was very happily accepted, we made our way through the gardens photographing a lot of very sweet moments between these two. 

Ian was such an awesome and meticulous planner, he really kept the surprises coming. After we parted ways, Ian threw a surprise party with all their friends and family back at their home in West Chester. He sent us a video of it, and it's safe to say that Alicia was just as shocked and she was when Ian got down on one knee. Congratulations, Ian and Alicia, and thank you for entrusting us to photograph one of the biggest moments in your lives!

xo - Ben and Ashley